May Adventure Day

Hey, guys!  l completely blanked on writing a post last week (my bad), but I almost titled this “August Adventure Day,” so that’s where I’m at right now.  Nailing it.  NAILING IT.

So for this month’s adventure day, I went in a slightly different direction.  Instead of finding something within my budget of saved money, I decided to not spend money; I decided to go on a challenging hike.  I made this a personal adventure day, and brought my dad along.  He ended up providing a lot of moral support and also bought us Chik-Fil-A afterward, so it was a fantastic choice.

There’s this gorgeous waterfall tucked back behind the hills of Reno along Hunter Creek, and with all of the snowfall we had this year, I really wanted to see how big they had gotten.  I’ve been out hiking every weekend since late February, and I have done longer ones (6-7 miles) every few weekends, so I thought that the 5ish miles round-trip was more than doable.

I did this hike once before like six years ago, but it’s safe to say that I forgot how tough it is.  That being said, I powered through with the help of my dad.  We used a lot of energy hiking cross-country at first to find a way to cross the creek (now more of a river), and I fell twice (even face-planting into a dead tree and scratching up my cheek and leg).  I’m not going to lie to you guys– some tears were shed.  Not just because I got hit in the nose by a tree, but also because I was already exhausted and drained and the hike hadn’t even really started yet.  I still had 2.8 miles of uphill trail in direct sun to walk before even seeing the falls, and I didn’t know if I could make it.

In fact, I told my father, about two-thirds of the way up, that I thought it seemed impossible.  I honestly didn’t know if I could make it.  I was physically tired and emotionally drained, but I wanted to see those damned falls, and my dad reminded me that we were going to, no matter how long it took us.  I was going to accomplish this goal.

We had to cross three ramshackle log bridges to get there, but we did.  I pushed through my anxiety, my brain fog, and my depressive thoughts.  My brain was against me, but my dad reminded me of something at just the right time.

“What was your word of the year?”

I answered with “Regret?” but I knew I had to commit and get there.

We finally made it like two hours later, and I rested in front of the falls that had grown exponentially since I last saw them.  The area by the falls was cool and shaded, and I enjoyed my almonds while basking in the joy of accomplishing something big.

The way back was emotionally tough, but all downhill.  I tripped again and thought I couldn’t go on, but I did.  I doubted I’d make it back, but I did.  I didn’t think I believed in myself, but it turns out that simply by committing to this goal, I did.

At the end, as we reached the parking lot, my dad high-fived me and said “Hell, YES.  That’s what Willis was talking about!”  And I had just enough energy to let out a groan and roll my eyes.

It was an adventure, that’s for sure.IMG_3324IMG_3326IMG_3328


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