April (Mis)Adventure Day

Okay, you guys.  I usually try to keep a peppy, optimistic outlook on here.  I look for all of the excitement I can during these adventure days, and I look forward to them and plan them essentially all month long.

Not this month, however.  For some reason, I could not get myself in the zone for this month’s adventure day.  I think it’s because I’ve been sick, which usually puts me in a sort of depressive fog.  Nevertheless, I was taking polls from my family last night about what I should do today, and nothing sounded inspirational enough.  I didn’t have any real pull in any direction.  But, I made myself a promise that I would go on an adventure at least once a month, so I pulled up my bootstraps and decided to do something that sounded totally unlike me in that hope that I would find a little excitement along the way.

This month, I drove the hour or so south to Carson Valley.  More specifically, Minden.  It’s a gorgeous little town, full of antique shops, art galleries, and history.  I drove through on my way to Mammoth last fall, and made a mental note to explore it someday.  That day was today.

I left this morning with the plan to stop in Carson City for long-anticipated Dutch Bros coffee.  I hadn’t been there in years, and I missed the frozen mochas we used to get on the way to Lake Tahoe every summer as kids.  The mocha did not disappoint, and I felt a little more excited as I left Carson and drove the twenty minutes to Minden.

I had no idea what I actually wanted to do once I got there, so I drove down the main drag until a little art gallery/shop caught my eye.  Heartstrings was a cute little shop full of art, ceramics, and jewelry made by local artists.  I found a quirky little vase and some unique flowers that look to be whittled out of twigs.

Then I realized that I locked my keys in my car.

I ended up having to wait about an hour and compare quotes from five different locksmiths in the area before being able to get back on the road.  During this time, I walked a block up the street to Coffee On Main, where I was given the barista’s go-to emergency drink after asking her to make me whatever she liked.  After explaining that I was waiting for a locksmith, she gave me a drink with three shots of espresso and lots of sugar for about a third of the price because I “seemed like a chill girl who needed a little pick-me-up.”

You guys, this coffee was so, so good.  The people were so, so friendly.  I was still so, so frustrated.

Anyway, I ended up getting back into my car for a cool $70 and went up the street to have lunch.  Then I decided to go back through Carson City to pick up some plants at my favorite nursery.

Today was not what I was expecting, in both good ways and bad.  Minden was beautiful and the people there were helpful beyond expectation.  But I think today’s adventure was more about my handling roadblocks and making the best out of being in a depressive purgatory than the actual things I did.



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