Depression, Diet Depression, or Depression Zero?

For those of you who don’t know, I have had a bit of an obsession with Diet Coke.  It started out as a treat when I went out to eat and transformed into a three-a-day addiction, where just the sound of the can opening gave me goosebumps.  My secret Santa at work last Christmas gave me a twelve-pack and I almost cried.

Needless to say, it’s not healthy.

It got to the point where it didn’t even taste good anymore, but I needed it.  I needed it to get through my day, to perk me up, to add a little me-time into my day.

Then I stumbled upon this.

Diet sodas are not only linked to an increased risk of stroke and dementia, but are also linked to– that’s right– depression.  In fact, drinking diet sodas regularly makes people 30% more likely to develop depression.  It doesn’t directly cause depression, but the correlation is high enough for me to be concerned.  So drinking it when you are already clinically depressed?  Yeah, I was shooting myself in the foot.

So I cut it out immediately.  The first week or so was easier than I expected, but still terrible.  After that initial hump, I wasn’t even craving diet soda anymore.  I was treating myself to iced teas and lemonade.  I was eating healthier during the day and falling asleep earlier.  I was less irritable.

Fast forward to four weeks later, and I am feeling great.  Obviously I am always going to have depression, but it’s easier to deal with.  I feel like I have more energy.  I drink a lot more tea, which has its own health benefits, and I am spending less money.

It’s totally worth a shot, you guys.  Just give it a week and see how you feel soda-free.

Oh, and if it’s caffeine you’re looking for, coffee is shown to lower your risk of depression.



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