Shocker! I had an epiphany during yoga!

Not to be a typical twentysomething woman, but as you could tell from the title, I had a yoga epiphany.

I know, I’d stop reading this too.  There are a million posts with this exact theme online, but I swear, this one is worth it.  Buzzfeed probably has a few catchier ones.  But bear with me.

I went to my first yoga class in years at my gym.  I was drawn to the words “candlelight” and “beginners” and “relaxed pace”.  It’s also led by a very friendly man who I’m guessing is in his mid-sixties and “just wants you to have a good time”.  Basically, it’s yoga for people who wish they could do real yoga but don’t want to actually commit to the practice.  I’m going to start going every week.

Adding to the chill factor was something the teacher said after every pose.

“Rest here.  Feel the effects of what you just did.  Feel the energy you have now. “

YOU GUYS.  I got super emotional in class because not only was I doing what he said to do, but I was also applying this to my mental health.  It’s an entirely new outlook that makes me more appreciative in a not-so-cheesy-or-inauthentic-way.

Anything I can accomplish while I’m feeling well, I will recognize.  I will take a breath afterward and feel the effects of it.

Anything I feel after a depressive episode or anxiety attack or obsessive-compulsive trigger, I will recognize.  I will feel the effects of it.

I know, you guys are all thinking, “Duh!  That’s mindfulness, you dummy.” And I know.  I am that dummy.  There’s no shame in that!  I never really understood how to really be mindful before.  It clicked at that evening yoga class, surrounded by calm and sweat and mostly senior women.

Anyway, try out this technique.  It may or may not help you to be more mindful, but it will for sure give you a little insight to yourself.  The yoga mat and sweatpants are entirely optional.


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