March Adventure Day!

I’ve had a stressful week, so I decided that a day of self-care was in order for this month’s adventure.

Starting off with sleeping in an extra couple of hours was the first step in this self-care practice.  With depression, I’ve found that this can be a fine line.  Letting myself sleep just a little while longer does a world of good for me, but sleeping in too late has the opposite effect.  Luckily, I scheduled a late morning coffee date with a dear friend, so I couldn’t sleep too late.

After a quick and refreshing chat, we parted ways and I went on a hike.  This is huge for me.  Going out on a trail by myself is a big step in treating my anxiety.  Being able to do the nearly mile of incline without stopping is a pretty big milestone too.  The weather was gorgeous, and I set myself up for feeling great.  Endorphins can really help my antidepressants reach their full potential.

I’ve been wanting to explore a new shopping area downtown for awhile now, and so I headed over there once my hike was over.  The Basement is a group of shops and activities that was built in an historic post office downtown.  It’s hip and trendy to say the very least.  I was worried that I would feel out of place; the shop owners, however, were some of the kindest, friendliest, and most creative people I’ve met.


First stop was Chomp, a gourmet salad restaurant.  YOU GUYS.  It was so delicious.  Everything is locally grown and free range, and the salads are huge.


Next was a chocolate shop and a flower shop (not pictured), where I got a gorgeous, hand-picked bouquet of fresh flowers for $5.  But my favorite place?  It had to be the apothecary shop called The Pantry.  Everything is made by the two women who own the shop, and it’s all natural.  No chemicals, no harsh scents.  I got a lip balm and an air/linen spray, and it is magic.


Basically, I feel completely at peace with myself and happy and if you are ever in Reno, you’ve got to check out The Basement.



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