Commit, Three Months Later

We’re a quarter of the way through 2017, and I’ve been reflecting on how I’ve been living up to my word of the year.  I knew that “commit” would be challenging, But I didn’t anticipate how rewarding those challenges would be.

I’ve been to the gym at least four times a week since the new year.  I’ve reached my first goal of swimming a mile, and now I do it twice a week.  I’ve saved a little bit every month to try something new.  I’ve painted more than ever, and I’ve tried new techniques that I didn’t think I was good enough to try.  I’ve learned that kickboxing isn’t really up my alley and that I love lifting weights.  I’ve set and maintained healthy boundaries with others and within myself.  I’ve examined my stressors in life and have made some tough decisions in order to commit to happiness.  Mostly, I’ve proven to myself that my depression, anxiety, and OCD do not own me.

And why?  Because I am consistently reminding myself to keep committing.  Sometimes it feels natural, and other times it feels like I’m dragging hundreds of pounds flour behind me.  But I’ve shown myself that I can do both, because, as my father reminded me the other day, “it’s not me; it’s my uncertainty.”


3 thoughts on “Commit, Three Months Later”

  1. Looks like I logged into my reader at the right time! Just found this post and had to say, I totally relate! I too committed to being in the gym, weightlifting in particular! My blogging partner is a champion powerlifter and she is helping me get started. I find “competing” against myself in weightlifting, seeing how I can advance week to week, is really satisfying and helps me focus off my Pure O. Best of luck and keep on committing!

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