Transparency and Friendship

This week’s post is one that I have really struggled with in the past (and by “past” I mean yesterday, but I’m working on it).  I have a tendency to be very open to hearing and helping others, but being very closed off personally.  Some call it guarded or shy; others have labelled it awkward or cold.  But I’m actually just very anxious about letting others (and myself) see the real me.

This has changed since I decided to commit this year.  Go ahead, roll your eyes.  I know I am.

You see, transparency is scary.  It’s intimate.  It makes me want to hide.  But all of that is my anxiety.

My experience being transparent with others has been nothing but positive.  It has been rewarding.  It has shown me who genuinely likes me and who genuinely takes advantage of me.  It has inspired me to be transparent with myself.

A few weeks ago, I was talking to a friend of mine. I had decided to be transparent with her about my mental health and recovery shortly before then and she had expressed similar experiences, but was reluctant to try therapy.  I told her if it was right for her, she’d know.  We moved on to our hectic work days and left it at that.  A couple of weeks later, she texted me saying that she really liked how open she could be about her mental health with me, and if I had any resources for her. I sent back, in all caps, “OMG YES YOU ARE LOVELY AND I AM PROUD AND YES HERE ARE LIKE TEN NUMBERS.”

Transparency is powerful, peeps.  You can move mountains and help others to do that same simply by being authentic and open.  Give it a try.


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