A Cup of Kindness, Yet

What can I say, friends?  I could say that I got busy or some other excuse, but the reality is this: I went into one of the worst OCD episodes I’ve had since I was twelve.  My mind shut down; my body went into autopilot.  I can see it now that I’m on the other side, but I was so, so far down the rabbit hole, you guys.

But guess what?  I’m back.  And I’m here to talk about everyone’s favorite topic: New Year’s Eve.  *insert eye roll or high-five, whichever you feel is a pro pos*

I’ve never liked NYE, to be honest.  It used to make me very, very depressed, and I’d be in a funk for weeks over it.  Then it was the lack of authenticity.  I tried the resolutions game, and it failed miserably.  I tried the party game, and I just felt sad and tipsy and alone.  I tried the get-out-of-town game, and I was very disappointed to find that my same problems were there (shocker!) when I got back.  So, what else is there to do?  Embrace it and face it.

My mother (whose blog I will link here) introduced me to the word-of-the-year game in 2012 and I’ve found it to be a great way to do just that.  We each pick a word, make a mind map or vision board for it, and use it as a guiding light for the next year.  It makes you embrace it and face it in the gentlest of ways.

Since 2012, my words have been hope, possible, discover, and flowering.  This year, I felt a change coming on.  I felt like I needed to do something this year, whatever that means.  And so, my word came to me as “commit.”

I am going to commit myself to the things and people that I love.  I’m going to commit to myself.  I’m going to commit to trying.

And one of the things I am committing to is this blog.  I’m committing myself to you, my twenty or so followers.  I want to be present with and for you.  I want to share my journey with you and cheer you on with your own.

Get ready to embrace and face 2017, you guys.


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