The Sound of Sunshine

Okay, you guys.  I have so much to share with you.  Too much for just one post.  I’ll be posting about my experience at the 22nd Annual Music Festival for Brain Health this week, but today I want to touch on something that has been on my heart a lot recently.

Traditionally, September has been a difficult month for me.  Challenges seem to like to present themselves during this month, and I tend to struggle a lot as the days begin to grow shorter.  

It doesn’t help that this is the month that my grandfather passed away eight years ago.  Or that, exactly five years later, a dear college friend of mine would die tragically.  

This year has been less of a struggle.  My mother and I were able to attend the festival I mentioned earlier, meet new inspirations, and talk candidly about our emotions.  We are healing.  I’m healing.

It’s still hard.  

But if these two people have taught me anything, it is to try to find goodness around me; to try to be the goodness around others.  One of the last things my grandfather said to me was “Hope for some sunshine.”  I feel him whenever I do.  

I encourage you all to hope, to love, to grow.  Be someone’s goodness.  

Me and my grandfather, many moons ago.  He passed away due to complications with leukemia eight years ago.  He is still a ray of sunlight.

Me, Lani, and our friend.  Lani was killed in a hit and run three years ago, but it didn’t extinguish her love and light.  


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