Treat yourself.

It’s no surprise that my plan to do daily blog posts this past week didn’t end up happening.  But it’s a good thing.  My anxiety is feeling a little less present and I’ve gotten some restful sleep and I’ve been able to relax a little more.  Which leads me to my second and currently last tip for getting some much needed sleep: pampering.

I struggled with that phasing for a few hours before deciding to go with it.  Pampering had a shallow and frivolous connotation at times, which definitely isn’t how I mean it to come across.  What I mean by pampering is to find something that makes you feel a little more at peace and do it.

For me, that’s taking care of my skin.  I can tell when my spirit is dimming when I decide I don’t have to do my skin care routines.  This past week, I barely washed my face once a day.   

But caring for my skin makes me happy.  It is a way I show myself love.  And using a face mask once or twice a week gives me one or two times I can sit back, relax, and know that I am loving myself.  

This is one example of many in my tool belt, but the point is that we can love ourselves without shame, and that calms us.  Maybe you spend $40 on face masks at Ulta, maybe you go for a run.  To each their own.

How do you pamper yourself?


Published by: climbingthefigtrees

Coffee. Gardens. Painting. Music. Low-key forest witch vibes, but not cool enough to be an actual witch. I never anticipated being able to do this, but I'm here to share my story of recovery from depression, anxiety, and OCD. I'll probably share some art too. And maybe some funny anecdotes or pictures of dogs. I don't know, it'll be a time.

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