Good berries.

Okay, so as I mentioned in my last post, I’ll be going into five things that I am passionate about.  Full disclosure, I am a pretty boring person, so I’ll be trying not to just say how much I love Netflix and carbs.

1. Netflix and carbs.  Ha!  Fooled you.  Yeah, I love both of those things, but I’m talking more about what they represent– self care.  Over the past few years, I have learned to listen to what my brain and body need.  Sometimes that’s a full hour of Bikram yoga; sometimes it’s binge-watching Supernatural and eating Chex Mix.  It’s called balance, you guys.  

2. Painting.  I used to be really terrible at it, and I’m not just being self-deprecating.  But then I found art journaling and Bob Ross, and everything  changed.  Now I paint at least once a week and just accept it as it comes.  I try to instill the love of art and acceptance in the minds of the kids I work with, and a few of them still come up to me with ideas for projects, even though they’ve moved on to elementary school.  No bad ideas.  Especially “robot self-portraits.”

3. Gardening.  I found so much solace when I found gardening.  I’ve grown tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers successfully for the past two years, and herbs and houseplants for three.  I love the challenge of gardening in the high desert.  Plus it’s a great ice breaker with my dental hygienist, so there’s that?

4. Coffee.  My best friend literally tricked me into liking coffee in high school, and we used to spend our lunch breaks listening to NPR and drinking coffee from the shop across the street in his car (it’s not surprising that we were the coolest).  He has since turned me into a bit of a coffe snob, and I love going to new coffee shops and reading or studying.  Alone, with friends, it doesn’t matter.  It’s a nice tribute to some of my favorite high school memories.

5. Making music.  I first discovered my love for performing when I was in elementary school, and I’ve been dedicating a large portion of my life to it ever since.  Learning covers of songs and performing give me a sense of belonging, and if that’s not good berries, I don’t know what is.


Published by: climbingthefigtrees

Coffee. Gardens. Painting. Music. Low-key forest witch vibes, but not cool enough to be an actual witch. I never anticipated being able to do this, but I'm here to share my story of recovery from depression, anxiety, and OCD. I'll probably share some art too. And maybe some funny anecdotes or pictures of dogs. I don't know, it'll be a time.

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