Weekend update, with me.

I spent most of the day in bed today, and not because I necessarily wanted to, but because the brain fog and lack of energy were just too high.  Who knows what really brought on this low, but it feels like it’ll be gone within the next few days.  And something that helps me to give my mind and feelings a little cushion when times are tough?  Good berries.

No, I’m not talking about fruit.  Although it does help.  No, instead I am talking about berries as a tasty metaphor for positive thinking. *cue groans and eye-rolling*

Bear with me.  

My therapist has many catchphrases, some of which took time for me to appreciate and others that stopped me in my tracks. The berry metaphor is one of the latter.

“Oh, sweetheart.  If you were lost in the woods, exhausted and starving and being eaten by bugs, what would you do?  Would you eat the lush, fragrant, good berries?  Or would you go for the toxic berries?  This is the same expletive thing!”

Boom.  Like a ton of bricks.  Why am I feeding myself toxic berries?  Why am I purposefully making myself sicker?  Why didn’t I watch more episodes of Survivorman so that I could be more prepared in a survival situation?!  Thank god he’s the one that doesn’t encourage viewers to drink their own urine.  I’m looking at you, Bear Grylls.  

Anyway, I try to make my therapist (and Les Stroud) proud more often now.

So, in a push for good berries, I will be answering the following question over the next few days, and I encourage you to do the same…

What are your five biggest passions?


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